Riaxe announces brand new AngularJS version of HTML5 Product Design Tool

Date: January 21, 2015.

Bhubaneswar: Riaxe is ready to roll out the product designer tool – the AngularJS version of the HTML5 Product Design Tool. The biggest change is AngularJS. The new tool has been redesigned in AngularJS for better stability and performance. The modular architecture of AngularJS will help in adding new features conveniently. It is responsive for mobile users. The new tool required months of research and development.

The chief additions are:

Word Cloud
Word Cloud is a cool way of decorating custom T-Shirts. The company is highly grateful for the feedback of people from the beta version days. A suggestion in one of the feedbacks has led to the development of this feature. Using Word Cloud, random custom words can be set inside a designed shape as per need. We welcome such suggestions. Please do so on our Twittter or Facebook page. You can also email us about the same.

Text on Path
The company is also introducing a useful and unconventional feature – Text on Path; unconventional because it is not usually found on product design tools. This feature lets the input words follow a pre designed path, for example a text in a heart shape. This feature is expected to be widely used by end users in custom designing t-shirts and other products.

DTG and other print settings
Direct to Garment is a new convenient way of printing on apparel. It is an inkjet printing based technology, and it is easy and digitally controlled like a commercial inkjet printer.DTG offers the advantage of unlimited color options.It also has the ability to print single pieces economically which is not possible in traditional methods like screen printing. Print quality is also good and as the ink gets soaked into the fabric, the print isn’t felt like another layer. The prints do not crack like heat transferred papers. The print fabric is also more breathable, hence allowing a wider print coverage area. Earlier, DTG printers suffered quality issues in printing over dark colored fabric. This has been overcome by modern DTG printers by printing a later of white ink first. DTGs are expected to replace other printing techniques in the future.
The HTML5 T-Shirt Design tool now has proper settings like pricing of area and graphics, colors available and others, for DTG printing.

FreeHand Drawing
FreeHand Drawing tool lets users become artists and draw creativity.

Vector Output
The HTML5 Product Design tool can now output vectors. SVG output is particularly helpful for printing large designs like for banners and billboards.

The tool now includes Theme Switching, Sort and Search, TextFX, Design Ideas, Group-ungroup, Multiple Image Masking, Image API(for social media) and many others.
The company plans to add more features in the future.

Riaxe announces Innoveezion – a joint venture with Glocal IT Solutions

Date: May 6, 2014.

Riaxe is excited to announce the formation of Innoveezion – a joint venture between Riaxe Systems, India and Glocal IT Solutions LLC, Miami, USA. Innoveezion is head quartered at Miami, Florida, USA. The company is having branches in California and Uruguay in South America too. There are plans to set up offices in Europe in the future. The joint venture is looking to scale up in terms of man power and office locations too.

The objective is to provide the best of both continents. The development centre will be in India – the popular IT outsourcing destination providing affordable solutions. The presence of local offices globally will help instill confidence in clients. Riaxe, having worked with global clients like BMW, Coca Cola, Citibank, Milward Insurance, Rock City Club, will be providing its rich technical expertise and Glocal IT Solutions will be the spearhead in marketing and client addressing.

Innonveezion will offer IT services on web, mobile, cloud and augmented reality. Some products of Riaxe will be introduced under the Innoveezion banner. The company is looking to develop incredible solutions on virtual reality. It will be working on Leap Motion and other augmented reality devices. The company will also develop numerous product designer variants of Riaxe’s popular HTML5 T-Shirt Designer application. The joint venture will cover everything from Enterprise level projects to simple mobile apps. The services that will be offered are:


Adobe Flex, Adobe ColdFusion, HTML5, PHP and Java.

iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Cross Platform and BlackBerry.

Adobe AIR, Java.

Optimized cloud solutions on architecture, database, storage, etc.

Magento, Prestashop, Woocommerce, OS Commerce, and customized solutions.

HTML5, Adobe AIR, Titanium, Marmalade, PhoneGap, Sencha

WordPress, Joomla, CakePHP

iOS, Android, Facebook, Windows and Flash.

Leap Motion and a lot more coming up


Riaxe launches RadioXE – the ultimate internet radio app

Date: April 19, 2014.

Riaxe is delighted to announce that another unique application has been launched by the company today. The app, RadioXE is the ultimate internet radio app in the market.

It has been designed in such a way that gives out an old world charm feel. The user interface is a classic radio set. As always, every detail of graphics has been taken into account. And so are the functionalities too. The volume control is a classic scroll button. The channel tuning control is also reminiscent of the vintage days. There are over 100 radio channels, most of which are Hindi stations. There are some regional channels too. The channels can be changed by tilting the device on either side.

RadioXE offers unparalleled performance like no other app in its class. The following are the channels on offer:

  • - The Beats FM
  • - Desi Junction
  • - Back 2 Back
  • - Radio 2 Fun
  • - Hungama Bollywood
  • - Polskie Radio
  • - Radio Zindagi Virginia
  • - Filmy Radio
  • - Santa Banta Radio
  • - Desi Non Stop Hits
  • - Radio Chili
  • - Pulse Mirchi
  • - Himal Radio Classic
  • - Himal Radio
  • - Radio Khusi UK
  • - Radio Zindagi
  • - Pun Radio
  • - Radio Teentaal
  • - Hungama English Hits
  • - Vahon FM
  • - Sadabahar Radio
  • - ABBS Radio
  • - Taal Radio India
  • - Radio Caprice
  • - Radio Mirchi Australia
  • - Radio Khusi Gajals
  • - Hungama Romantic
  • - Dhak Dhak Radio
  • - Ishara Radio
  • - Dil Se Radio
  • - Radio Zindagi 1550AM
  • - Guyana NJ FM
  • - Radio Chann
  • - Apna Radio
  • - Bollywood Evergreen Hits
  • - Radio Khusi India
  • - Koyal Radio
  • - Musicana Bollywood
  • - Madhur Sangeet
  • - Kalighat Radio
  • - Mast Radio
  • - Radio Afsana
  • - Desi Maska Radio
  • - Dushh FM
  • - Hungama HotHits
  • - Non Stop Hits
  • - Desi Remix Hits
  • - Radio Oye
  • - Masala Beats Toronto
  • - Radio Khusi USA EST
  • - JUS Radio
  • - Radio Gabbar
  • - Revolution Plus
  • - Calm Radio
  • - DJ Gaurav Radio
  • - V V Radio
  • - Radio JSR
  • - Radio HSL
  • - Mast FM
  • - Radio Khusi USA PST
  • - Planet Radio City
  • - Suvidha Radio
  • - Hungama Devotional
  • - Bhakti Radio
  • - Sai Bhakti Radio
  • - Kripalu Bhakti Radio
  • - Radio Holy Family
  • - Nadam Radio
  • - Sanskar Radio
  • - Kirtan Aradhna
  • - Odia Radio

More channels can be expected to be added to this list in the future. Riaxe is on a launch spree. Earlier the company had launched Learn ABC – a kid’s educational app. It has met with reasonable success so far. Another product launched recently is the swf to svg online converter – the first ever with an instant preview of the output. Before that, the much awaited Draw and Replay – an entertainment app was launched and it is climbing the charts very smoothly.

Riaxe launches free SWF to SVG online converter

Date: April 18, 2014.

Riaxe is pleased to announce that it has launched a free to use SWF (Flash) to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) online converter. Like all products of Riaxe, this is another innovative and interesting solution. The need to convert Flash to HTML5 is a growing necessity today. The need is heavy due to Flash not being supported on iOS devices. In order to cater to this demand in this fast paced world, Riaxe has developed an online version that can be used without any downloading or installation. This is a simple but very useful tool for all graphics users. The link is live now. What differentiates this and other traditional converter tools is that you can visualize a preview of the resulting vector graphics in this tool. This is also one of the most sought after features for online converters because in traditional tools, one had to wait till the download has completed and the file is opened, so as to check the output. The output graphics can be zoomed in and out if required before downloading.
Uploading a flash SWF file is easy, and the tool is blazing fast in performance. It is extremely light in weight, and any type of Flash file can be uploaded on to it. This version supports one file at a time only. A paid version with bulk files uploading support is being planned and can be expected in the near future. Being a pioneer in graphics, more such tools are in the pipeline. The company’s testament to developing unique products continues with this free SWF to SVG converter online. Previously, the company had created WebCropXE, another unique drag and drop tool to convert active web pages to widgets. It is also free to use, and has earned wonderful reviews. The company has a wide range of new apps being launched too.

Find it here – http://riaxe.com/online-swf-to-svg-converter/

Riaxe launches Learn ABC – an educational app

Date: April 10, 2014.

Riaxe is delighted to announce the launch of Learn ABC – a unique educational app for children. This app is intended to make learning fun for kids in the iPad way. This is the perfect app for parents to teach their toddlers in an interesting and engaging manner. The animation and use of bright colors will appeal to children. There are eight chapters for children to learn in a beautiful graphical manner. They are:

A for…
This is the classic alphabets to pictures matching challenge for kids to learn the naming convention. Fast Learning of alphabets guaranteed.

Match me if you can
A general assorted ‘Match the following’ series of beautiful images of different things and pairs.

Color Color which color?
Colored balls and buckets to match, watch them pop when you answer wrong. This is a game to play and learn colors from.

Listen Carefully
Sounds of animals are played in this chapter and children have to tap on the image of the animal that makes the sound.

Find my Shadow
Shadows of animals are shown on the screen and one has to figure out which animal’s it is. This helps children to empower their visual skills.

Can you count?
This is the numbers game. Here things in different quantity are displayed and one has to guess the number of the product. This is the first step of mathematics.

Please paint me
This is a coloring book. Helps bring out the artist in them. Sticks of various colors are available. One needs to fill in the pre-defined shapes.

This is another important step of learning. Spell-bee chapter shows images of popular things that children find attractive. They have to fill up the alphabets.

It is available on only iPad for the time being. More versions can be expected in the future.

About Riaxe Systems
Riaxe is a leading IT offshore company based in India excelling in web, mobile, desktop and cloud solutions, with special focus on cross platform app development, web designing, e-learning and CMS. Clientele includes BMW, Coca Cola, Citibank, etc. The company also has forayed into making its own products, some of which are very popular on the App Store. Visit us at www.riaxe.com

App store link – https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/learn-abc/id797440634?mt=8

Riaxe launches a new app – Draw & Replay

Date: April 4, 2014.

Riaxe is proud to announce that a very unique application has been launched. This app had been under the wraps for many months. As all apps of Riaxe, the inspiration for this app is unique. It is based on the chalkboard. One can use the iPad as a blackboard using this app. Using one’s fingers, drawing and writing can be done exactly like using chalks.

The most interesting thing of this app is that it can simulate an exact replay of the whole drawing. The drawings or messages along with the replays can be shared on social media. Those who do not have the app can view it using the web version too. The app hence brings out a wide range of unseen creative possibilities. One can draw a cake and send it to their loved ones on their birthday and they can view the cake being drawn on the replay mode. Colored chalks are available too.

This app can find usage in e-learning field too. One can use it as a traditional slate-board to teach kids to write alphabets or draw, sketch and color on the iPad. People in love can surprise their partner by drawing their favorite flower or a personal message and send it to them. The curiosity of what’s being drawn and the feel of a hand crafted message in good old chalk are guaranteed to make them go weak on the knees.

Riaxe is an experienced player in Rich Internet Application development and the best of tools have been used to build this app. ActionScript 3.0 with Starling framework gives the performance it deserves. Starling framework allows better graphics utilization. Riaxe loves Adobe ActionScript for the superfast development time. Draw n Replay will also be available on other platforms in the future. The web app is available now. Riaxe is also working on a Leap-Motion version that will give a very interesting 3D experience.

About Riaxe Systems
Riaxe is a leading IT offshore company based in India excelling in web, mobile, desktop and cloud solutions, with special focus on cross platform app development, web designing, e-learning and CMS. Clientele includes BMW, Coca Cola, Citibank, etc. The company also has forayed into making its own products, some of which are very popular on the App Store. Visit us at www.riaxe.com .
App store link – https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/draw-n-replay/id798565159?mt=8

Riaxe launches ‘SaiMandir’ spiritual app

Date: January 22, 2014.

Riaxe is delighted to announce that a new spiritual app has been launched. It is named ‘SaiMandir’. As the name indicates, it is an app on the famous religious saint Sai Baba of Shirdi.
The app is intended at followers to worship Baba at Shirdi on their iPads, at their convenience. The app contains all bells and diyas required for performing a puja. As ever, every detail has been taken care of. The objective is to do a proper puja using all six items to get a ‘blessing’ from Baba. The ‘blessing’can be used to unlock many puja items. Apart from the usual Aarti, Kalash, Flowers, Incense Sticks, one can draw their own rangoli at Baba’s footsteps. Baba can be dressed up in different clothing avatars. This is one stop solution for Shirdi at home.

The extensive features list:

- Bells
- Diyas (Lamps)
- Incense Stick stand
- Kalash
- Aarti
- Sankha (Conch Shell)
- Paduka
- MayurPanch (Peacock Feather)
- Sweets (Prasad)
- Flowers
- HavanKund
- Hanging bells
- Hanging Lamps
- Rangoli
- Garlands
- Bhajans (Devotional songs)
- Baba’s clothes

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Visit the following link if you need any help.
App Store Link

siridi sai baba

HTML5 T-Designer Demo Application Launched

Date: January 10, 2014.

As promised, Riaxe gives you the world’s first HTML5 T-shirt Designer Application. It can be Pre-Ordered at very special prices.

There are three packages with different features. The Basic Plan costs $99 per month, Premium is priced at $149 per month and The Enterprise is $199 per month. Under the special Pre-Order scheme, the Basic and Premium are available at $990 and $1190 for a yearly license. The Enterprise comes at a very special $1590 for a year’s subscription.
The application will be launched early February. The demo page is now live. Check it out here

What makes it unbelievably better than other designing applications, apart from lightning fast cross platform HTML5 is that it is the only application that has no server side. It has a local desktop application – that means no waiting! It is customizable to the core. Custom designs, colors, and patterns to suit every standard in the apparel manufacturing industry are included in this tool. Curved, bridge text to masking and layering is all possible in this.The application is super-fast. Graphics is top notch.


This is a fully loaded HTML5 T-Shirt Design software. It has all features that every one has ever wished for.

- Cross Device and Cross Platform
- Desktop App for Backend Admin
- High Resolution Export – SVG
- API integration with shopping carts
- Google Font Integration
- Curved Text
- Bridge Text
- Text Art
- Multiline Text
- QR Code Integration
- Instagram Filters
- Border and Background fill to text
- Image Masking
- Custom boundary selection
- Layering
- State Saving
- Custom colors and patterns
- Free svg converter
- Designs library
- Can be customized to caps, laptop skins, mobile covers, shoes, labels, etc
- Dedicated Support



Riaxe launches ‘Guess the Voice’ entertainment app

Date: December 16, 2013.

Riaxe is delighted to announce that a new entertainment app has been launched for the holiday season. It is named ‘Guess the Voice’. As is evident from the name, this app plays an audio from a popular movie and the user has to identify the actor who is stating the dialogue from a set of jumbled words.

This app is aimed at both hardcore and amateur movie trivia lovers. Movie quiz apps are very demanding and what sets a good one apart is the quality of research embedded in it – both for content and development. Research was held by the marketing team so as to find out which movie dialogues would appeal to all classes of movie goers. Hence it contains a carefully selected list of movie dialogues ranging all the way from classics to modern cinema age. There are hints to partially reveal the name too when the user finds it too difficult to guess. The app will reveal the movie name and year with a photograph of the actor behind the famed voice.

Since the launch, it has been doing very well – particularly in the US. Movie lovers, quiz fanatics, or simply family and friends can make a good time out of using this. This app has been developed in Marmalade. Marmalade is a popular cross platform framework maker. It delivers brilliant performance as it is low on resources needs. Good audio compression techniques have ensured a smaller footprint, and at the same time it doesn’t compromise on quality.

It is available now on iPad only. The iPhone version is being worked on. Android and other versions can be expected to follow suit in due course. To download ‘Guess the Voice’, go to the iTunes app store and either go to Riaxe Systems page or use this link below.

Get it here


Riaxe Launches A New Game – Doraemon Hide and Seek

Date: December 3, 2013.

As promised, Riaxe Systems has unveiled a new fun iPad game – Doraemon Hide and Seek. This has been made in HTML5 – the new most popular platform today. The game comprises of four levels. Doraemon is the central character. Doraemon’s friends – Gian, Nobita,Sizuka and Sunio appear in the fourth level.

As the name suggests, this is a version of the classic hide and seek game. Doraemon hides behind bushes, mountains, holes of a cracked planet, etc. The objective is to catch him by tapping when he resurfaces. Level four offers more challenges. Doraemon’s friends creep up and the objective is to catch Doraemon only. Tapping on any of his friends results in penalty points.

The game is aimed at kids, and families to engage with kids playing this. “We love Doraemon, and we know how much kids love him and hence the new game” – words of the tech lead behind the app. The tech lead reveals that like Doraemon Friends Dress up game, more are being planned by the company on this popular cartoon character. Currently both these games have been launched on the iPad only, but all can be expected soon.
Get it here