ng-option directive in AngularJS

Author : Alex Parker Date : June 10, 2017
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ng-option is an AngularJS built in directive which is used to populate drop-down list. It uses array for listing. In many cases, it would be easier to use ng-repeat directive, but you have more flexibility when using ng-option directive. In case of ng-option, index can be object whereas in ng-repeat index of drop down list …..

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Understanding Angular’s $scope and $rootscope event system $emit , $broadcast and $on

Author : Alex Parker Date : May 28, 2017
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AngularJS provides $on, $emit, and $broadcast services for event-based communication between controllers. $rootScope.$emit :- only lets other $rootScope listeners to catch it. This is good to use when you don’t want every scope to listen it. Most high level communication have been done using this event. $scope.$emit is when you want that $scope and all …..

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