How to Create an Adobe AIR Native Extension for Mac OSX

Author : Alex Parker Date : May 9, 2014
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  A Step by Step procedure for how to create an Adobe AIR Native Extension for Mac OSX. Step-1 (Create a New Xcode Project) File->New->Project->select on left side OS X >Framework & Library -> select Cocoa Framework->click next Enter Product Name : SampleANE Company Identifier : com.riaxe [You can change it whatever you want] Click …..

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iOS Game Development in Reliving the Nostalgia of Classic Games & Toys

Author : Alex Parker Date : January 7, 2014
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A lot has been said about material toys and games loosing sheen over the last few years. There is particular concern over the vanishing of traditional games like snakes and ladders, Monopoly, etc. And the blame is video games. So we decided to give what parents have always secretly wished for – their children to …..

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Apple App Store hacked too?

Author : Alex Parker Date : August 13, 2013
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We have stumbled upon a few serious irregularities on the app store. We observed that there are duplicates of the same app, posted under a different name, so much so that the content and description are exactly the same (violating 2.20 of T&C). Some are using keywords in the title description and having around 300 …..

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