TOP 100+ Crossplatform Applications Developed with Adobe AIR – Starling Framework

Author : Alex Parker Date : November 15, 2013
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Adobe AIR is getting bigger and better by the day in the world of cross platform game development.  By using of Adobe AIR, lots of rich internet applications have been developed and many are quite popular. The performance of the applications designed by AIR is not only faster but also the average time of development …..

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Adobe AIR – a cross platform app development messiah

Author : Alex Parker Date : August 2, 2013
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Businesses today are highly dependent on cross platform app development. The competition is steep and hence there is a growing requirement of developing faster than competitors. At the same time, it is highly essential that an app has to be built in the fastest possible time with the lowest possible costs. Even that is not …..

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Cross Platform – the holy grail of Software Development?

Author : Alex Parker Date : July 1, 2013
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Gone are the days of either Mac or Windows. And it is not just different operating systems; the market is chaotic with different screen sizes, aspect ratios, device models or even different versions of the same platform. An app’s popularity is now directly proportional to the number of devices it is available on, more so …..

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AS3 Transform tool [Flex 4 Support] with text scaling and dynamic menu

Author : Raman Date : January 22, 2012

New AS3 – Flex 4 Transform tool with text scaling Another Riaxe creation – the first ever AS3 Transform tool build completely from scratch by us. Features Listed: – Flex 3 and Flash Builder 4 support. Works on both mx and spark components – Attachable Menus where functionality can be added programmatically – Tranforms almost …..

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Flash | Javascript Based Streaming Internet Radio Application – Hindi Stations

Author : Raman Date : October 8, 2011

Check out our web based radio application. More than 200 English and Hindi online radio channels at one place – a first yet again by Riaxe. Lite and fast, streaming radio experience on this is to be felt. This is completely designed in JavaScript without any server side. A mobile version of this application is …..

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Publish into facebook wall from flex

Author : Raman Date : April 21, 2010

Recently I was working on a facebook application using flex and when i had to post/share a video to the facebook wall. I was using the conventional share method, had to navigate to another url and then share. Found an alternative way and better approach to post it directly from flex to anyone’s wall. We …..

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AS3 Transform Tool for scaling, rotating components containing text controls in Flex

Author : Raman Date : April 23, 2009

Hello Everybody,  Got a chance to play with the Matrix class in as3 for creating a custom transform tool for scaling and rotating components containing text controls like the TextArea in Flex. I used the free Senocular’s Transform tool available but it scales the target component using the Matrix scaling resulting in scaling the text …..

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