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HTML5 TShirt Designer Application

Author : Raman Date : January 6, 2014

HTML5 TShirt Designer Application

The most advanced T-Shirt Designer Application built in HTML5 and Javascript.

Customized apparel design has become the need of an hour to make your online presence with a rapid change in the e-business market strongly. The internet is sprawling with numerous e-commerce based websites dealing in t-shirts and other apparels. Every apparel web store needs to be planned properly in this fiercely growing online portal competition. Hence we present a state of the art T-Designer software that can help you grow your online business.


Features of T-Shirt Designer Application – Custom Product Designer:

– Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Androids along with all modern browsers.
– API to integrate all e-commerce platforms like: Magento, Woo-Commerce, Shopify, XCart, ZenCart, Prestashop and all custom webstores.
– Printer friendly high resolution 300 dpi export.
– Desktop-Admin panel to easily manage and control the application.
– Can be customized to any product like: custom Coffe mug designer, custom cap designer, custom iphone case designer, greeting card designer, custom visiting card designer, wine bottle designer … and many more.
– State saving: resume your work from where you left it.
– Copy-Paste option for graphics, text .. etc.
– Designer options like: Rotate, Zoom, Scale, Horizontal-flip & Vertical-flip, Horizontal center, Vertical-center
– Rotating and scaling using slider controls
– Undo-Redo
– Tshirt variants (color options to choose from Tshirts or products)
– Layering to arrange objects
– Images inside custom shapes as masks.
– Printing restriction in the printable area boundary.
– Tranform tool for scaling, rotating and moving inside a rectangular bound.
– Pattern fill & Color fill to Texts, Shapes, Graphics, backgrounds.
– Custom Shapes – Primitives as graphics options
– Custom Color option for Graphics
– Border and Background fill to Text
– QR Code generation from Texts.
– Text formatting like: colors, font size, font family, alignment, bold, italics, underlined, striked.
– Multi-line text
– Text with dynamic fonts
– Database of customized Text Art to create wonderful text designs.
– Bridge Text
– Curved Text
– Google Font integration

Apart from T-shirts, this tool can be customized by us to design caps, jewellery, shoes, labels for containers, packaging box designs and a hoard of other possibilities as per your requirement.


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  • GiRyong


    Can you let me know how can I get this source code?


    1. Riaxe Admin

      We are developing a responsive mobile version scalable to iPad and other mobile devices that would be used for eCommerce platforms. This application is not open-source. Thanks.

  • andreas

    please make me an offer / quote for the source code
    i need some additional features and integration to our db from my people, but i guess its worth to buy/use your code and save time of my people for other things

    greets from europe

  • Ziad

    If its not then how much is it for sale?

    1. Riaxe Admin

      We haven’t thought about the pricing as we are adding and enhancing few other functionality. Let us know the features you have thought of. Hopefully we can add those and then come up with a pricing. You can mail us at [email protected]. Thanks.

  • Riaxe Admin

    Hi All, We have added lot of features last week.

    - Adding separate design items to different faces.
    - New touch friendly color picker with custom colors
    - Design and text transform (rotate and scale) inside defined rectangular bounds.
    - Dynamic bounds for tshirt faces.
    - New touch friendly UI items(buttons and sliders).

    Note: All the data displayed works from XML that can be configured using any server side technology.

    Check – http://www.riaxe.com/tshirtapphtml5/

  • andreas

    anything new???
    what about the source code?

  • Matt WEbley

    Is this the same technology as this – http://www.akumarugby.com/3d-kit-designer/

    Very cool. I may be interested in purchasing this.

    1. Riaxe

      Hi, the above example is built in simple javascript or jquery. They have not used the html5 canvas for the purpose. Thanks for the link.

  • spiderkent

    While I can enter Chinese character for text, it does not appear on the T-shirt. I try to use different font family for Chinese Character (SimSun or Ming), but the character still does not show up. Can you fix this?

  • spiderkent

    How can I save the final result as an image?

    1. Riaxe

      Hello Guys, we are working on the “circular text”, “saving the canvas” and adding “dynamic google fonts” functionality. Sorry for the delay in updates. We will update you all as soon as it is done. Thanks for the patience.

  • Amber Jabeen

    You have not disclosed the pricing for your app. If you’re interested in selling it, please let us know your pricing.

  • Kathy Jones

    We are planning for major launch with backend admin and a more intuitive UI this month. Stay tuned for all the updates.


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