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SVG output in our HTML5 T-Shirt Design Tool

Author : Alex Parker Date : February 1, 2015
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SVG output in our HTML5 T-Shirt Design Tool

We are delighted to announce that our HTML5 T-Shirt Design Tool, is ready to output vectors. This feature has been suggested and requested by many, and we sincerely thank everyone of them for the feedback.

The best part of vectors is that they can be easily created. Vectors allow a creative flow in the designs due to the simplicity involved in creating them. One of the biggest advantages of vectors is that they are scalable. SVGs can be scaled to any size without any loss of quality. This has been particularly demanded by people looking to design banners and billboards using our tool. In vectors, hence there are no limitations as far as image size is concerned. This results in distortion free images, no matter how much the image is zoomed in. A vector image will be sharp and un-pixelated at every resolution.

Also SVGs are easier to edit and manage. Editing doesn’t require working on the entire design but only the required part. This saves time. SVGs have smaller file sizes, which are quicker to transfer as compared to PSD image files. Smaller files help uploading and downloading quicker in our HTML5 T-Shirt Design Tool which is quite essential in enhancing the UX of our tool. Vectors are better for detailed illustrations too. Vectors look better than photographs when used in presentations, demos and documentations. As vector is distortion free, they look better in print. This implicitly means that it is highly useful for our tool as the end result of our tool is prints.

As promised, we are continuously upgrading this tool with new features. It is also much stable than before due to AngularJS. Feel free to contact us if you need more information or want to buy a license of the online designer designer tool. Stay tuned for the next big release, version 3.7.



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