iOS7 Icon Set – Thin Icon Set – Free Download Source

Author : Alex Parker Date : November 13, 2013

iOS7 Icon Set – Thin Icon Set – Free Download Source

This “iOS7 Icon Set – Thin Icon Set” is a must need for all iOS developers and iOS designers. Contains the most necessary set of elements to design an application. All the icons were designed in pixel preview mode in Adobe illustrator. All the icons are designed in a boundary of vertical and horizontal grids by using both horizontal and vertical grids to bring perfection in every pixel. So all the icons can be exported to any resolution and any format as per your needs. Moreover, all icon resolutions are also included as transparent PNGs.

This Pack contains:

  • 1 AI file with named, well organized (easy to resize and customize in every detail)
  • 1 PSD file with named, well organized
  • 1 EPS file
  • 425 PNG files (transparent – Black version and white version) 40×40 px sizes available

Icons categories:

  • System Icons
  • Currency Icons
  • Graph Icons
  • Multimedia Icons
  • Socialmedia Icons
  • Device Icons
  • Building Icons
  • Emotion and Smileys
  • Medical Icons
  • Ecommerce Icons
  • Toolbar Icons
  • Web Icons
  • Weather Icons
  • More Miscellaneous Icons

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Helvetica Neue
Note: This kit will not give you Helvetica Neue font file as it will required license to get you a font file. Here you can download from

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  • John Galt

    How/where am I supposed to like it to get the download link?

  • Alex Parker

    Hello John,
    You just need to give us some love to get the download link :)

    Like it , Tweet it or G+ share it to get the download link (see instructions above ). Once you do any of them, the download link will be appeared in few seconds.

    Thank you!

  • Shabu Anower

    Recommend on FB but no download link appeared! Anything wrong with your system?

    1. Alex Parker

      Try G+
      will fix the FB. Thanks for the heads up.

  • yanwy

    thank you,i like it.


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